Intervention in Obří důl

Even for the strong blast over the Giant Mountains ridge, the experienced pilot Martin Svačina with the helicopter OKDSE, lifted injured women in the suspension under the helicopter on the robe which was 30 m long. Thank you very much for the precise intervention.

 Obří důl 1 Obří důl 2 Obří důl 3

Jizerská 50

Very popular event Jizerska 50 took place in Bedřichov over the weekend 17. – 19.2.2017. This year event was special as it was fifties’ event and as usually DSA a.s. was also present with its helicopter AS-350B3e, OK-DSW, to secure the aerial shooting and transmission of the race. The stabilized head with video camera and transmission equipment was installed on the helicopter. Because of these equipment the aerial shooting could be transmitted in real time on television.
We are very happy that we could be part of this race again and that we could give the spectators the inside into it.

 Jizerská 50 2017 1     Jizerská 50 2017 2

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