Enstrom pilot centre

DSA a.s. is the official ENSTROM dealer for the Czech, Slovak, Slovenian and Hungarian Republic since 2014.

As we are the approved organization for training according to EASA - ATO (Authorized Training Organization) we are able to provide the most efficient and safest training of professional pilots on ENSTROM helicopters.

Whether you need an ENSTROM type-rating training or you start with your training from the beginning turn to the professional in this business. For the certified trainings according to EASA we use helicopters from our own fleet.

We are able to provide the training to gain the following licences:

-          Private pilot Licence PPL(H)

-          Commercial Pilot Licence CPL(H)

We provide the type-rating trainings for ENSTROM helicopters:

-          ENSTROM 280FX

-          ENSTROM 480B

EFX 280FX     ENS 480B

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