Aerial work assembly

DSA carries out transport of oversized loads, construction and installation workin in the suspension under the helicopter up to the weight of 1,300kg.

The work is done by our own helicopters which are operated by us:

The single - turbine helicopter AS350 B3e with load bearing capacity up to 1,300kg.

The twin - engine turbine helicopter AS355N with load bearing capacity up to 800 kg, which is mainly suitable in populated area. 

We are able to ensure the transport of loads in a suspension under the helicopter SEC - up to 4,000 kg.

The helicopter is the ideal instrument for building and assembly work in inaccessible or overbuilt areas. Perfectly suited for installation of air conditioning units for the transport of concrete mixture into inaccessible terrain, the installation of poles, installation of power lines and equipment, extended work platform etc.

We use experts from a group of special works at heights and our own trained staff for assembly activities under the helicopter.

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