Air Rescue Service

Air rescue service operations have been DSA´s main business activity since 1993. Air rescue service operations have become an integral part of the rescue service guaranteed by the government and plays an important role in the integrated rescue system of The Czech Republic.

In the Czech Republic, the air rescue service is divided into ten HEMS bases: Praha, Plzeň, České Budějovice, Jihlava, Brno, Olomouc,Ostrava, Hradec Králové, Liberec and Ústí nad Labem. The operating radius of each base is about 70 km and all together it covers the whole area of the country. HEMS bases are connected with the network of specialized medical emergency centers.

Air rescue is mainly used for providing immediate emergency aid with physicians and paramedics to the scene of accident and careful transport of patients in serious life threatening states, injured in traffic accidents or in other incidents. DSA owns high-quality technical equipment designated for air rescue missions. It is staffed by experienced specialised and trained aviation personnel. The company’s pilots yearly log an average of 1700 flight hours in rescue missions which means about 4300 life-saving flights a year.

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