Passenger transport

DSA a.s. operates air-taxi services within the Czech Republic and Europe and its licence is valid up to North Africa.

DSA is holder of a Licence of Commercial Air Transport Operations, issued by Ministry of Transportation of Czech Republic in February 2006. By obtaining this licence the company has reached the highest standards for providing commercial air transport and has become a licenced air operator according to both the Czech and European rules and regulations concerning commercial air transport. It is possible to customize the aircrafts for freight transportion. 

Long-term knowledge of aviation industry, experienced staff and top pilots helpto make us to be leader in its field. 

Travel with us for business or fun. DSA company provides its clients professional, high quality and comprehensive services for private air travel. The maximum level of safety performance and speed is our main objective. We can fully match yourrequirements and schedule. 

Aerotaxi advantages


considerable time savings


maximum comfort and luxury

catering according to the client (first-class quality and freshness of the food and beverage guaranteed)

handling customer´s request

no stress and waiting in queues at check-in, flight cancellations, airport fees, tedious waiting

time flexibility

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