Theoretical coureses for technicians

The company DSA a. s. is authorized to conduct the training of maintenance technicians according to PART 147 No. CZ.147.0013. DSA a. s. maintenance technician training centre provides training to be­come an authorized maintenance technician for aircraft types: Cessna 100/200 series, Cessna 300/400 series, Piper single and twin engines and Suchoj SU-31. In addition it offers the maintenance technician training for helicopters: EUROCOPTER 120/135, AS350/355 and Schweizer 269/300. With this type training range the training centre puts itself among the leading maintenance technician training organisa­tions in the Czech Republic.

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The company disposes of modern instructional fa­cilities with direct access to the maintenance hangar allowing the possibility of practical demonstrations while teaching. The theoretical training is focused on mastering the requirements according to PART 66 B1, B2 and C. The theoretical instruction will be concluded with an exam.

The company´s maintenance centre, with license CZ.145.0003, also offers continuing practical trainings in accordance with issued license. All theoretical and practical trainings are conducted under the su­pervision of experienced instructors with years of ex­perience and practice on the relevant types of aircrafts and helicopters.

The DSA a. s. maintenance training centre closely cooperates with the Faculty of Transportation of the Czech Technical University, both in teaching and conducting tests for technicians in accordance with Part 66. The training centre also offers these trainings in many Czech secondary schools, provid­ing them with this training context continuing practical trainings for aviation technicians and specialists.

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Terms of type rated training, theory B1: 

Cessna SEP 100 25.3. – 5.4.2019

Piper PA-42: 2. – 16.9.2019

Airbus AS350: 18.11. - 2.12.2109

Airbus AS355: 4. - 22.2.2019 

The terms can be change according to client's interest, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or you are interested in any term. Please be informed that it is necessary to sign for the terms at least 14 day ahead.

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