Types of training

We will teach you how to flight … with anything ...

DSA a.s. is the biggest school in the Czech Republic, we will teach anyone to flight on either airplane or helicopter no matter if you want to be in the cocpit of commercial airplane (helicopter) or you are more interested into sport flying or flying just for fun.

… from glider up to Boeing or helicopter


Professional flying










Flight training

DSA a.s. Air School was founded already in 1992 and it is one of the biggest school in the Czech Republic and that's not only because of the number of trained pilots but as by the number of its fleet. We are located at the airport Hradec Králové which is suitable for all year opearation and by its location as well as character the ideal place for any time of the training (low landing costs, great service). DSA is the first air shool in the Czech Republic which received the certificate ATO (Approved Training Organization) while changing to the new EASA legislative, our philosophy is mainly the quality of the training. We hold a wild approval certificate beginning with aerial works up to commercial air operation. Because of that our instructors have rich experiences which can be provided to our students. To other benefits of DSA belongs own maintenance centre CAMO, which provides qualified service.

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Proffesional pilots training

Integrated training program - Air Transport Pilot Licence ATPL

It is the quickest and most enjoyable way to the cockpit of the commercial airplane/helicopter. In the scope of the cooperation with the Faculty of Transportation Sciences of Czech Technical University in Prague - Department of Air Transport, you will receive the complete university education and theoretical knowledge necessary for employment in this field. The practical part of the training is done in our Air School (together with the study) and consists following parts.

Modular training program

As the titul indicates, this type of the training consists of partial steps, so called modules, which the student passes  one by one. By this way the pilot gaints increasing his flight qualifications and extends the possibility of employment. Even this way can lead you to the cockpit of the commercial airplane/helicopter but is slower and is more suitable for people interested in "small" flying (employment in the aerial works area).

  •   Private Pilot License - PPL
  •   Commercial Pilot Licence - CPL
  •   Multiengine Qualification – ME
  •   Instrumental Qualification – SEP/IR
  •   Instrumental Qualification – MEP/IR
  •   Multi Crew Cooperation - MCC

Other qualification

  •   Instructor Qualification - FI
  •   Instructor of Instrumental Qualification - IRI
  •   Qualification for night flights – VFR NIGHT

Type of trainings

  • Beechcraft C90/99/100/200
  • AS 350 B3e
  • EC 135 T1 CDS, T2 CDS, T2+
  • EC 120
  • S269 Schweizer

Theoretical courses

  • ATPL (A) 650, 450, 300 hours
  • ATPL(H) 300 hours
  • CPL (A), CPL (H)
  • IR (A), distance theoretical training for CPL(H)
  • HPA (High Performance Aeroplanes)
  • Aviation English courses and and examination according to ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (VFR, IFR) 


Private Pilot License

(flying for own needs/for fun)

Private Pilot License - PPL is for private, sport and rekreational flights. With this license the pilot can't flight any commercial flights - flight which are paid. But he/she can fly for his/her own needs and under certain circumstances "drive" another person on board. He/she does not only flight on small one engine aircrafts, he/she can still increas his/her qualification for turboprop airplanes and instrumental qualification, eventually night VFR flights.

Since 2013 the academic aeroclub of Czech Technical University has begun its cooperation with DSA. They are focused on gliders training and flying.

  •   Gliders Pilot License - GPL
  •   Private Pilot License - PPL
  •   Multiengine Qualification – ME
  •   Instrumental Qualification – SEP/IR, MEP/IR, EIR (Enroute-IR)
  •   Qualification for night flights – VFR NIGHT
  •   Aviation english courses and and examination according to ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (VFR, IFR)

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