Vladimír Tomek | hangar 519, 503 41 Hradec Králové | Phone: +420 495 614 815 | Mobile: +420 721 912 408 

What a crane cannot reach, our helicopter can

Our helicopters and their pilots are the heroes of many stories every day. As well as the rescue of human lives, we provide aerial work for any challenge. We meet the demanding national and European criteria in holding all the appropriate approval certificates and, thanks to our experience through more than 25 years of operation, we have highly experienced personnel and top pilots on hand to make us the number one in our field. We continuously push the boundaries in the area of aerial work.

According to the Client´s requests, we can provide, for example:

  •  the suspension up to 1 300 kg using our own aerial equipment
  • the arrangement of external aerial equipment to lift up to 3 000 kg
  •  aerial filming and photography
  •  measurement and observational flights
  •  the transport of material
  •  firefighting and liming
  •  construction and installation work (i.e. cable car track repairs, installation of air-conditioning on department store roofs and swimming pools construction in difficult to access locations)
  • banner towing, flyer dropping and much more.


We are with you, even in the cinema

Although our helicopters are out of shot, without their help key scenes from the Chronicles of Narnia, The Pink Panther and Casino Royal would not have been possible. We have also collaborated on home films, sports broadcasts, reality shows and we have provided shots for Czech films and commercials. We especially like filmmakers because they come up with the most difficult challenges for us to solve. Next time you’re watching TV and you feel like you’re looking down from the sky, remember us. We’ll be there, no matter which way the wind blows!