Ing. Tomáš Parýzek | Maintenance Hradec Králové | hangar 519,  503 41 Hradec Králové  | Phone: +420 605 219 172 | Email:

Ing. Lukáš Vašátko | Maintenance Praha-Kbely | Mladoboleslavská 1085,  197 00 Praha 9-Kbely | Mobile: +420 602 668 908 | Email:

25-year experiences with the maintenance of aircraft rate us among the top European maintenance centres

Since 1993, we have been the holder of the Approval Certificate for Aircraft Maintenance issued by the State Aviation Inspection (nowadays by the Civil Aviation Authority). As one of the first maintenance organizations of aircraft in the Czech Republic, we obtained in 1998 the Approval Certificate for Maintenance and Repairs in accordance with the international rule JAR 145, which transformed itself into presently valid Commission Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014 later, according to which we are the holder of the Approval Certificate for Maintenance Organizations No CZ.145.0003.

Aircraft maintenance has been operated pursuant to the standard of the quality management ISO 9000:2016 and observing both internal and legal procedures is regularly monitored by our internal audits, audits of the Czech Civil Aviation Authority as well as by audits carried out by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

In our fully equipped maintenance centres in Hradec Králové airport and in Praha-Kbely, we:

  • carry out the complete maintenance and repairs of airplanes and helicopters of types stated within our Approval certificate No CZ.145.0003
  • offer renewals of aircraft interior and exterior as requested by a customer
  • provide modernization of aircraft avionic equipment in cooperation with our partner organization DOA (Design Approved Organization)
  • arrange regular avionic checks
  • carry out also regular prescribed aircraft weighing
  • are an official representative for Cessna a Pratt & Whitney spare parts
  • have on-line access to Cessna and Airbus Helicopter warehouses

We have been an authorized maintenance centre of CESSNA SINGLE ENGINE (piston) and an official authorized dealer of Cessna spare parts already since 2004. Thanks to this we have a direct access to Cessna warehouses by means of on-line web interface and provide discounts from Cessna LIST PRICE.

In 2014, Pratt & Whitney appointed us to a dealer of spare parts for engines PT-6A of versions 21, 114A, 60, 66A and PW206B2 for the Czech and Slovak Republic. We also arrange the overhaul of engines PT-6A of versions 21, 114A, 60, 66A and PW206B2.