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Last week of the theoretical and practical training on helicopter AS355 according to approved training program PART 147 is currently taking part in Barcelona.

The traditional white classic race Jizerska 50 took place last weekend in Bedrichov. The start of the race was very dramatic as the weather didn’t look promising. As for the small amount of snow it looked like the race would have to be shorten. Thankfully the weather change and it finally started to snow three days before the race start. The organizers as well as everyone who participated in preparing the whole race had a lot of work to be able to prepare everything on time. Everything turn out well and so also DSA a.s. could be at the start of Sunday race with its helicopter AS-350B3e, registration No. OK-DSW. We have been shooting the racers by the help of stabilize camera Cineflex, the signal was then transmitted to the transmission car and from there finally distributed to the tv screens.

We believe that you enjoyed the transmission and we already look forward to be present again next year.

Company DSA a.s. has performed aerial installation of air conditioning unit on OC Flora Praha. It was already a second aerial installation on the same shopping centre this year. We have lifted 4 units with a help of our helicopter AS-355N, registration No. OK-DSN, where the heaviest unit weighted 730 kg.

We performed those works all-inclusive, including ensuring all necessary permissions, preparing sling cargos by certified personnel and without restrictions to surrounding roads and areas. In this case there was only a short restriction in OC Flora, which lasted for about 50 minutes.

Aerial works done by the helicopter are effective, friendly to surrounding areas, quick and as it is said: “time is money”, they are also economical.

Congratulations to Mr. Jan Klazar to his successful ending of captain training on C525!

We have taken over new simulators Elite Evolution S923 FNTP II MCC and Elite Evolution S723T FNPT II MCC Helicopter for training IR and MCC from company Elite Simulation Solution AG in Switzerland.
Simulator S923 is for airplane type PA34 Seneca and BE200 with classic instruments and G1000. Second simulator S723T is for helicopter AS 355 equipped with classic instruments. Both simulators will be used in airshool in Hradec Kralove.

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Airplane C525A CJ2+ has arrived for its one-year scheduled maintenance inspection to the newly reconstructed hanger at the Airport Praha Kbely.

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