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For basic theoretical PART 66 course graduates or for holders of an aircraft maintenance technician licence, we offer theoretical and practical type technician training pursuant of the approved training programme in accordance with PART 147 for obtaining B1, B2 and C rating.

Type courses for airplanes and helicopters:

  • Cessna 100/200, 300/400 series
  • Piper single-engine PA28 and twin-engine PA34
  • SU-31
  • BE-90
  • Eurocopter EC120, 135
  • Ecureil AS350, AS355
  • Schweizer S269C
  • Enstrom 280, 480

As a participant, you also acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge. You will test your newly gained knowledge in the maintenance hangar. That’s to our excellent courses, we rank among the leading training organization of maintenance technicians in the Czech Republic and even in Europe.


Dates of maintenance technicians training in 2019:
AS355 helicopter, 20.4. - 15.5.2020, type training - theory B1, B2, C2 + practical training
AS350 helicopter, 29.9. - 30.10.2020, type training - theory B1, B2, C2 + practical training

Course registration

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Cessna 100/200 Type Rating undetermined  

Type rating Cessna 300/400


Type rating Piper PA28 - single engine


Type rating Piper PA34 - twin engine


  Type rating SU-31


  Type rating Eurocopter EC120



  Type rating Eurocopter EC135


  Type rating Ecureil AS350


  type rating - theory B1

  Type rating Ecureil AS355

 20.4. - 15.5.2020

type rating - theory B1, B2, C (Austria)


  Type rating Schweizer S269C




  Type rating Enstrom 280




  Type rating Enstrom 480