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Teamwork is key to our 3-minute take-off time

Being the elite in HEMS Services is not about the individual. A professional pilot himself, even in the most cutting-edge machine, would definitely not be able to complete the operation without the flawless teamwork of the whole crew. This teamwork gets the helicopter in the air within 180 seconds of the operating centre receiving the call.


6 things about HEMS Service that you may have missed:

  • HEMS Service is integrated into ten rescue service centres in the Czech Republic: Praha, Plzeň, České Budějovice, Jihlava, Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava, Hradec Králové, Liberec and Ústí nad Labem
  • The operating radius of an individual HEMS base is 70 km which, combined, covers the entirety of the Czech Republic.
  • Certain bases are connected with the network of hospital and specialized medical emergency centres
  • Our company owns top-quality technical air equipment designated for HEMS operation and is staffed by specially trained aviation personnel.
  • HEMS Service is AOC certified and complies with the high standards of the European Aviation Association for commercial air transport
  • We go even further than that, though – our pilots regularly participate in flight simulator trainings in the Czech Republic and abroad.


When you guide our crew to landing, remember to clearly signal the location so that it will be visible to the aircraft – always face toward the area you wish the helicopter to land and wave them in.

  • We will evaluate the landing location and might suspend the crew on rope under the helicopter if unsafe
  • Physicians run to the patient and assess the estimated duration of the action (long or short) to see if the helicopter should be turned off
  • The ill or injured are treated and loaded onto the helicopter for take-off
  • An ambulance is always in attendance nearby on the return flight for the patient to be moved to if their situation deteriorates
  • A physician and a paramedic accompany the patient for the entire duration until their hospital admission
  • We meet afterwards, evaluate the operation, clarify procedures and prepare new practices for any unexpected occurrences that we had encountered
  • A technician and pilot carry out regular maintenance each day to ensure the vehicle is ready for the next day’s work
  • If we find any problems, a technician is called out immediately to make sure that we’re ready to be in the air again as soon as possible.