Looking back on the history of DSA a.s.

1990  - Delta System Air Association is established
1991  - we gain a licence for the operation of helicopters and airplanes
1992  - we begin our commercial air services
1993   - we begin HEMS Services (LZS)
1994  - we open our Flight school
1995   - we conclude the contract with the French company, Eurocopter
1996   - we begin using the AS 355 F2 helicopter in HEMS bases in Ústí nad Labem, Liberec and Ostrava
1997   - we acquire a backup AS 355 helicopter, a Schweizer 269C helicopter and a Piper Seneca airplane
1998   - we move to our own premises and gain an Approval certificate for maintenance and repair, as according to JAR 145 regulations
1999   -  we premiere our Air Ambulance Show (nowadays known as the Helicopter Show)
2000   - the HEMS Association is established in the Czech Republic
2001   - we succeeded in securing a contract to supply HEMS Services until the year, 2003
2002   - we start using the EC 135 T1 helicopter for air operations
2003   - thanks to our success with this service, we gain the opportunity to operate HEMS Services in Ústí nad Labem, Liberec and Ostrava for another 5 years
2004   - we obtain official representation from the Cessna A Textron Company for the Czech and Slovak Republic
2005  - we begin using the EC 135T2 helicopter for HEMS operations
2006  - we purchase and begin using the Beechcraft C90 turbo-propeller aircraft for our operations
   - with begin the training of technicians according to PART 147 and make our place among a select few companies in the Czech Republic providing such demanding and costly training
2007   - we purchase and integrate the Citation Jet CJ525 airplane into our operations
2008   - we succeed in acquiring 4 HEMS bases until 2016
2009   - we acquire the FNPT II MCC flight simulator
2010   - we open a new maintenance centre in Praha-Kbely
2011   - we extend our Approval Certificate for business jet maintenance
2012   - we gain an extension to our Approval Certificate to conduct type-rating training for technicians according to PART 147 for Schweizer helicopters and Piper airplanes


 - we invest in an AS 350 B3E flying crane (a helicopter which has landed on Mount Everest), the most employed machine for Aerial work and for training pilots to work with cargo suspended under their helicopter

   - the organization of our training programs are adapted to comply with CZ-ATO 006 regulations and we improve our work thoroughly in accordance with that legislation
2014  - we gain the representation of the helicopter manufacturer, Enstrom, and buy an Enstrom 480 helicopter
2015  - we gain our first important contracts for the training of foreign clients and organizations
   - we organize the Air exhibition, Air Show Prague, at the air base, Praha Kbely
2016  -we increase flights from our Flight school – we push forward the annual number of flights to a total of 10 000 hours and reinforce our staff
   - we are successful in aquiring a contract for HEMS operations in Hradec Králové and Liberec and continue our HEMS operations in Ústí nad Labem
2017  - we succeed in the renewal of our contract to operate the HEMS base in Ústí nad Labem
   - we finish the modernization of further facilities of the professional flight school and maintenance centre
   - as the representative of Enstrom, we deliver 6 Enstrom 480 helicopters to our partner
2018  - we launch NVG (night vision) in HEMS operation
   - we train new pilots to secure the future of HEMS Services
2019  - preparation for the competitive tendering for HEMS (LZS) Service from 2021 (selection of helicopters, choice of pilots, business partners, etc.) and submission of the tender offe
   - full-time NVG (night vision) operation at the HEMS base in Hradec Králové
   - completion of foreign pilots’ training on helicopters
   - purchase of the helicopter Enstrom 480, OK-ENV
   - initiation of a hangar building in Přerov
2020  - signing the contract of HEMS Service at 6 bases for the period of 2021 – 2028
   - purchase of helicopters EC135 T2 for operation of the new HEMS bases and training of new HEMS pilots
   - completion of the hangar building in Přerov
2021  - operation launch at 6 HEMS bases (Brno, České Budějovice, Hradec Králové, Jihlava, Liberec, Ústí nad Labem)